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September 20, 2010 / Indigo

The Lost Band

photos 1, 3-10 by Olivia; photos 2, 11-24 by me

Two days ago my friend Olivia came over to my house & we had a blast! I haven’t seen her in about 2-3 months (or longer…) so it was really good to catch up. We wandered around my new neighborhood, looking for good places to take photos. We came across this sunken wooden wonderland in between two houses & we knew it was perfect.. Although the weather+bugs were not what we wanted (hot & TOO MANY), we managed to get amazing shots of each other & still have a blast. I am definitely going to be shooting there again. It just has so many possibilities! Then we wandered back to my house, had a mis-matched lunch of whatever we could find in my fridge & shot upstairs in my room & the hallway. It was so much fun. So so so much fun. I’m also really happy with how my shots came out, which seems like a rare feeling these days. I mean, I’m happy with how stuff comes out, but I’m not necessarily super proud of it. But these shots? I am so proud of them & I love them & I hope you all do too! I also shot some film, so you’ll get to see those once I get it developed.

love & magic,




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  1. dennisfinocchiaro / Sep 20 2010 10.43 am

    Great shots! I can tell you had a good time…it shows in the pics. :)

    • Indigo / Sep 22 2010 7.23 am

      Thank you so much!

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