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September 14, 2010 / Indigo


shirt: Free People (gift)//tank top: mom’s//shorts: paris blues (gift)//tights: had since forever//shoes: mossimo (target)

Today has been a slower day, but an overall good day. I spent it all pretty much in my house, getting stuff done. Going through more boxes, realizing I need some storage to put all this stuff in (!!!), getting delicious Indian food for lunch with my grandmother, walking/playing with Zags, visiting with my aunt & cousins, cleaning & reading. I picked up this book Beautiful Children (by Charles Bock) at the library a couple weeks ago & only this week got around to starting it. It’s his first novel, & absolutely amazing. One of the most well-written books I’ve read in a really long time, but I can only read it in spurts because it is so sad. Not the cry-your-eyes-out sad, but the kind of sad that works it’s way into the head & heart before you finish the first page. I also made a Facebook fan page, which you can find here, if any of you darlings are interested in showing your support. I scheduled Warehouse 13 & Criminal Minds to record tonight, so soon I shall be able to watch some telly again! I did a lot of boring business-y stuff on the computer today, with Pandora keeping me company with Crystal Castles & Animal Collective radios. Boring, but necessary. I also applied for a couple more jobs, so we’ll see if they pan out!

How is your week going so far, darling?

love & magic,



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