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September 13, 2010 / Indigo

Girl Goddess #9

shirt: buffalo exchange//white tank top: mom’s//jeans: mom’s//boots: doc martens

THE WALLPAPER IS IN OUR HOUSE. Pictures do not do it justice. It is fantastic beautiful gorgeous fantastic perfect. The guy came to put it up today at 9:30am, so my dad & I just hung out till he was done. Six & a half hours later….. It looks amazing. But we were so sleepy! I guess the six & a half hours were worth it. Everyone who walks in our house now is like “Oh your house is so coo- WOOOOW!”. It’s pretty amazing! This is the perfect outfit for grabbing breakfast at Starbucks (second day in a row…oops!), moving more boxes in from the garage & going through them, unpacking, errands & playing with Zags. I don’t think we’ll eat out that much anymore, since my dad & I made a Whole Foods run today to stock up on staples & such. He cooked dinner for the first time in forever — grilled cheese & roasted potatoes & shallots. Delicious! I have little piles of things in my room now, until I find the perfect shelves, etc. The closet is mostly sorted out, but it’ll probably change as time passes. Until I get a shelf to go over my closet rod, all of my bags are stuffed into other bags & hung where you can barely see them. All I have done today is go through boxes! & I’ll probably do that again tomorrow. It’s so nice to have my own room again! It’ll be nice once the showers have shower glass though… We got a shower rod from Target & are borrowing rings/curtain from my aunt for the two weeks until the shower glass guys come. The light in the sky is AMAZING out here! I seriously love the views I get from my room, although I do miss the radio towers at night that I would look at every night in my aunt’s house till I fell asleep. But since I don’t have any curtains on my window, I get rudely awakened by the sunshine blaring in my face. Bright & early at 7:45am. I need to solve that soon…. Anyways. Time to eat dinner, hang with the fam a bit & work on my room some more! Who knows, maybe even a milkshake later…

love & magic,



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