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September 12, 2010 / Indigo


Hello lovelies,

How are you all doing? I hope you’re doing well…. I apologize for the slow-down in blogging lately. My life has gotten so absolutely hectic…

I have:

~turned eighteen (had a fabulous day; separate post coming soon!)

~moved into my new house (photos coming soon…)

~gotten my dog back! she was staying with my grandmother while my family & i were in house limbo.

~started moving stuff into my room!

~donned a uniform consisting of: ponytail/bun, t-shirt, jeans & sandals/flats/converse. missing actual fashion right about now.. but it works for schlepping boxes into the house & running errands.

Anyways, I’ve been shooting film non-stop. I think I have seven or eight rolls to get developed now? I unearthed my battery charger for my DSLR, so I can start using that again soon. I also might have a job interview in the next couple of weeks! Which is incredibly exciting. It’s with JCPenney as a portrait photographer in their studio at the local mall. Crossing my fingers that I get the interview, get the job & it all works out! I’ve also started baby-sitting more, which is fun. As soon as I can, I’ll get some photos up of my house for you guys. It is seriously the coolest house ever. I love it!!! If any of you follow me on twitter you’ve been getting glimpses at how it’s coming along. Little sneak peeks! Anyways, I’ve got to run now.

love & magic,



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