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March 24, 2010 / Indigo

Clothing Line?

Hello lovelies!

I have been absent for the past few days, yes. Mostly school has been taking up all of my time (yuck!) & I have been working on a project with my momma. I want to start a clothing line called Indigo Rain, as soon as possible. I’ve been sketching ideas like crazy, trying to get everything out of my head & onto paper. I have no clue when it would go live, as I would probably want to make everything I can myself. Although I do have a couple shoe ideas, I would have to outsource those. & the hats I have too. So maybe a few months? I’m not sure. But my question to you, dear readers, is would you be interested in this line? Would you want to purchase the items, or would you think it is just so passe? So pleasepleaseplease comment with your opinion/view! It would mean the world to me. I’ve also never done anything like this before, so this is all new to me.

love &  magic,




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  1. Emory Dunn / Mar 24 2010 2.11 pm

    Sounds like a good idea, fun and potential money making! And if you made some mens’ clothing I might even buy something (maybe an awesome coat).

    • Indigo / Mar 24 2010 2.15 pm

      Ohmygoodness, I had completely forgotten about the male species entirely! Expect a few more days of frantic sketching. Don’t worry, Emory, I won’t make a V-neck t-shirt your only option. I’m sure you would hate me if I did. :]

  2. Oni da Poni / Mar 24 2010 4.32 pm

    DO IT.


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