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March 4, 2010 / Indigo

120 = Love

Hello lovelies!

I do not know if I have introduced you to my Holga that I received as a birthday gift this year. I have not decided what to name her in over seven months…. Hrm. Anyways, she takes glorious photos! I got a roll developed yesterday & wanted to share some of my favorite shots with you.

These two photos were taken at the dinner party at my friend Eric’s house over Thanksgiving break. I really enjoy doing multiple exposures on the holga; they always turn out so cool!

Zags! I think she must be the most documented dog ever….

A close-up of an AMAZING sequined Free People top I picked up for $15!!

Multiple exposure photo of me, Tasha & Michelle. This is perhaps one of my favorite favorites from the roll.

Morgan! In advisory the other week.

The sun rising on the way to an art competition this past weekend; taken from a bus.

This is me with Lavender Mae, my new friend Olivia’s film fisheye camera. She is one of the new friends I made at the art competition.

I now have two new rolls of 120 film; one black & white & one color. So expect some more 120 photos soon babes!

love & magic,



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