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January 13, 2010 / Indigo

Wardrobe Taming – Day One

Hello lovelies!

I am here (albeit a day late, eeps!) to do a live-blogging counterpart to my turn through Gala Darling’s eight-day wardrobe taming. Yesterday was day one, although I am reporting it today. So for day 1 I took everything out of my closet (shown below), & sorted it into two HUGE piles.

So this was my closet “before”, & how it’s been organized for months.

These are the two piles of everything that was in my closet. The pile on the left is of the things I do not wear, & the pile on the right is of the things I do wear.

I then proceeded to put the pile of things I do wear back into my closet, & I re-organized so now it is v. pretty & I know where everything is.

Finally, I sorted my “do not wear” pile into four seperate piles. The pile with the bunny on top is the “things that don’t fit” pile, the pile in the laundry basket is the “I just never wear these things” pile, the pile with the koala on top is the “not my style” pile & the pile with Huggy on top is the “I have no clue what to wear these things with” pile.

I had finished Day 1! Now it was just to wait for Day 2. ;] Already I feel so much more refreshed wardrobe-wise.

Until tomorrow!

love & magic,



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