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August 6, 2009 / Indigo

lovely links

DSC_00087 steps to building a genuine relationship with your readers

– An inspiring charity idea from Sea of Shoes

– If you’re looking for new ways to light paint, why not use LED spray paint?

– A mini-guide to creativity from Zen Habits

Gorgeous pictures from Nini’s Style

Why you should love your body

50 things every girl should do in her lifetime from Gala Darling

– If I ever have a child, I am going to Zelda-fy them by hand

A burglar’s advice on hiding money

Astonish yourself (I need to find this book!!!!)

What are some of your favorite links from the week?

love & magic,




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  1. Emory Dunn / Aug 6 2009 11.09 am

    You’re welcome for the LED Spray Paint. :P

    And the Link outfit is possibly the most compelling reason for babies I have ever seen! They aren’t just bundles of noise: they can be bundles of noise that look awesome!

  2. melissa dominic / Aug 8 2009 1.55 pm

    whooooa i want the led spray paint. reminded me of led throwies ( ) but much more awesome!

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