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August 4, 2009 / Indigo

how to dye your own shoes

Hello loveies!

Today I have a bit of crafting DIY for you. Yesterday I bought some canvas booties at Target for $6.(They were on MAJOR sale). I had some Tulip Fashion Dye sitting around in my craft closet, so today I tried my hand at dying them from a plain beige-ish color to a really beautiful deep pink.

The shoes before:

DSC_0034front view

DSC_0035side view

Sitting in the dye:

DSC_0036Fill up your kitchen sink with lukewarm water & dissolve the dye. Place your shoes in the dye-water & let sit for about 1 hour & 45 minutes. Make sure to turn them about every thirty minutes or so, so they get dyed evenly. Then, put them in the dryer for the same amount of time, on normal settings, or until completely dry.

The shoes after:

DSC_0037front view

DSC_0038side view

When you dye your own shoes REMEMBER:

– wear clothes you wouldn’t mind having random dye spots on

– ALWAYS wear gloves to protect your hands

– follow the directions that come with your dye

– use shoes that are made out of cotton or canvas ONLY. don’t try to dye leather with fabric dye please…….

If you dye your own shoes, please comment with a picture/your experience!

love & magic,



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  1. blauskies / Aug 4 2009 4.10 pm

    Wow, super cool! I didn’t know you could do that! Or, maybe what I mean is I didn’t know HOW you could do that! Thanks for the step by step know how! :D

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