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July 15, 2009 / Indigo

these summer days

Hello lovelies!

These summer days, I seem to be quite a busy bee. I’ve been catching up with old friends, writing letters, having adventures downtown that involve a lot of “scenic routes” while driving, watching movies, knitting & yoga.










DSC_0009On Sunday, my friend Chelsea & I went adventuring downtown. We got turned around a lot driving, but had an awesome time. Afterwards (which, unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of) I went to another friend’s house where we watched Sweeney Todd & knit on her couch. It was heavanly. Then, at six in the morning on Monday we went to a hot yoga, or bikram, class. It was an interesting experience.

DSC_0017Yesterday I rediscovered the amazing power of to do lists. It helped me have one of my most productive days yet. I also made some iced green tea yesterday, pictured on the right. It’s very yummy! I had to let it steep for about 15 minutes though, since I didn’t have huge teabags.


DSC_0023I have also rekindled my love for knitting these past few days. This is a scarf that my grandma started, but is unable to finish so in about two days I finished it for her. It was my first time knitting on circular needles, & it was very exciting when I finally figured out how it worked.

DSC_0024This is a red panda hat that I finished sewing for my friend today. The lamp gives it odd shadows, but it’s really lovely in person.


DSC_0026Last night, as you all know, I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. I went with my dad & stood/sat in line knitting for a couple hours while he read a book. The theatre that we were at had brewed butterbeer & was selling these pint glasses as well. As I am not old enough to drink beer & my dad doesn’t like it (neither do I..), he bought me this glass! It makes me incredibly happy.

I hope you all are having lovely summer days!

love & magic,



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