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July 11, 2009 / Indigo

playing catch up

Hello again!

I do apologize for my absence & for the sudden influx of posts. I’ve been so busy actually doing things (imagine!) or playing Okami on the Wii that I have neglected my blog this past week. I have an extraoridnarily busy day tomorrow, so tonight is my night to relax pretty much. I have some pictures from throughout the past week, just random tidbits from my days that seem to all blur together very very quickly during these summer months.

DSC_0001A core triathalon training class at a local bike store my dad & I ran into while we were trying to park around all of the people sprawled all over the parking lot.

DSC_0003Graffiti next to a local pizza joint.


Oni & Mercedes on their respective portable gaming systems at a different local pizza joint.

DSC_0007Our pizza!



DSC_0015Tonight my mom’s work hosted a kind of networking party at one of their clients houses to celebrate/show off an award-winning kitchen that they designed. I helped plate/cut/prepare a lot of the food shown in the pictures. My mom & I went to help set up around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, & my dad brought me home around 9:30 I believe. He went back, as it goes until 10 tonight. Then, all of the people that work with my mom & their significant others are going to go party it up downtown to celebrate & let of some steam. They’ve been working like crazy. It was so nice to see everyone enjoying the food & mingling & having a good time. =]

What have you been up to lately?

love & magic,



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