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June 30, 2009 / Indigo

how to beat boredom back

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Today I am blogging from my couch in my second day of sickness to bring you a handy how-to about beating boredom! Boredom, the snatcher of dreams, the creator of many idle zombie hours, the horrid thing that wastes your mind into oblivion. Here are some super snazzy ideas to get your mind engaged in something again!

– Grab some friends & play video games until you can’t move your thumbs. This always works for me. Or just jetting down to the local arcade. =]

– Have a late-night picnic & pretend like you’re a little kid again. Trust me on this one. ;]

– Find a new show to obsess over. In my case, I’m becoming a Scrubs fan. I never understood the appeal of it until I started watching it these past two days while I’ve been sick & I think it’s amazing.

– Call up an old friend & reminisce about all the times you had together.

– Build a castle out of cards. Seriously, when was the last time you did?

– Take yourself out on a date. Even if you have a significant other. Dress up all fancy, go to a nice restaraunt, treat yourself to a movie & revel in how amazing you are.

– Buy a bunch of glowsticks, set up some serious techno, turn out all of the lights & have a one-person dance party.

– Find a good friend, rent entire seasons of either an amazing or a ridiculous TV show, buy a large amount of popcorn & soda, & settle in for a marathon.

If you have anymore tips for beating boredom, leave them in the comments. These are some of my favorite & some I haven’t actually used yet. Power to beating boredom!

love & magic,




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  1. Lauren / Jun 30 2009 5.47 pm

    omg Indiglow, you’re amazing. ;w; I’m so sorry you’re sick.

    • blackxlace / Jun 30 2009 5.57 pm

      Thanks! =] No worries about sickness, I’m feeling an upswing coming.

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