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June 22, 2009 / Indigo

father’s day

Hello lovelies!

Did you all have a wonderful father’s day? I know I did! Here’s a photographed recap of our day.


DSC_0104My chipotle grilled cheese sandwich. Super yum!

DSC_0103The christmas lights hanging in the restaraunt.

DSC_0098I loved her hair so much. =] Yes, I do take pictures of people I don’t know. I know, I’m a creeper.

DSC_0093An awesome sign on the back of one of the servers.

DSC_0094The host’s awesomely colorful shoes.

Soccer game:

DSC_0113My mom & I took my dad to a soccer game for his father’s day gift. It was a good game, although our team lost. Oh well. I believe it’s the first live soccer game we’ve seen since we moved three years ago. Yay soccer!


DSC_0111At halftime there was a mariatchi band playing & these two guys were dancing so awesomely. It made me really happy. =]

DSC_0110The “black market concessions” as my dad called it. This guy was selling ice cream bars from across the fence. We each got a Krunch bar. Yum!

love & magic,



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