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June 15, 2009 / Indigo

Sadness & Joy

Hello lovelies.

Yesterday was a tangled web of early morning sadness & late night joy. Yesterday morning a group of my best friends & I went to one of our best friend’s houses to eat pancakes & see him off. We ate freshly made pancakes, blew bubbles, had entertaining conversations & gave gifts of cookies. Then when I got home I went on a baking frenzy, making fudge, a butter cake & a peach crumblecake. I read Echo by Francesca Lia Block & I felt the need to wear flowing skirts, dye my hair mermaid green, walk around the city at night & live fairytales. Then later at night, one of my best friends Morgan came over & we watched Princess Mononoke.


The chocolate chip pancakes that Ted’s mom made for all of us crazy teenagers who were awake before noon.


Mercedes & Ted engaging in their ritual fighting.


Susan with her invisible pancakes.


Briana standing smilingly. I don’t remember what we were talking about…


Briana giving Ted the big card we all signed for him.


Ted with his box of cookies that were given to him for the plane ride.


Briana blowing bubbles.


Lauren watching her freshly blown bubbles.


Adrienne blowing bubbles over the flowers.


The butter cake that I made. It kind of fell apart when I took it out of the pan, & I attempted to put it back together but it’s mostly just a conglomeration of crumbs.


A piece of the fudge that I made yesterday. It’s not totally solid yet, but I had to try a piece. It is delicious & surprisingly not messy to make.


The peach crumbcake. It’s a tad monotone in color, but it tastes amazing.

Today I’m planning on attempting to make curried rice, look at colleges (does anyone know any good art schools in London that offer photography?) & read. I’m excited for a relaxing day. Have a wonderful Monday!

love & magic,



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