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June 13, 2009 / Indigo

Adventure Time

Hello lovelies!

Today has been a near perfect relaxing Saturday, full of lots of adventures. I dragged Jasmine along for the ride. =] Enjoy some photographs!

A sign from the Thai market/restaraunt that we visited. It smelled amazingly delicious inside there.

DSC_0420Lunch! We stopped at a restaraunt called Leaf that only sells salads. It was then that Jasmine boggled both my parent’s & my mind when she told us that she doesn’t eat salad. So while we all ate super crunchy freshly-made salads, Jasmine ate a piece of bread. But she knew about umami which made my dad happy.

DSC_0419There’s been a lot of bikers on the road for about a week maybe? There’s been a bike fest in town & everywhere you drive you see loads of people on huge motorcycles. This was the only one I was able to snap a clear picture of. Motorcycles everywhere definitely make for a more interesting soundtrack when you’re driving on the road.

DSC_0421We stopped at a shoe store in my mom’s quest for sandals. Jasmine & I found these awesome pink sequined heels & I tried them on. You can see my boots in the background. If I had $20 & nowhere else to put it, I would have definitely bought them.

DSC_0422A top & side view of the amazingly sparkly shoes at the same time.

DSC_0427We stopped at the local library & this is my haul. East of Eden is from Half Price Books, though. My summer reading assignment for AP English next year.

DSC_0428We stopped at the fabric store as well. I picked up these fabrics to make a red panda hat & a lion hat for my friends & a zipper flower headband for another. They’ll be making guest spots on the blog once they’re completed.

DSC_0425Jasmine’s super cool almost-silhouette in the car.

Enjoy some amazing Adventure Time. My friends & I often quote from this. =]

love & magic,




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  1. Jasmine / Jun 14 2009 10.51 pm

    Very nice. :)
    Those shoes were made of awesome. And you are such a stealthy photographer (cough cough creeper… but you know, the GOOD kind). ;D

    • blackxlace / Jun 15 2009 11.46 am

      Thank you. =] They were made of awesome. & yes, I like taking stealthy pictures.

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