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June 11, 2009 / Indigo

BLP Hearts Kai

Hello lovelies!

Today I had the privilege of interviewing Kai, a nineteen year old colorful baker, bone hunter & photographer. He wants to have his own bake shop, but we also talked about some of his other interests.

BLP: So what else do you enjoy doing besides baking?

Kai: Photography, I don’t but a lot of mine on dA, but I love taking photos of things. I’m saving up for my DSLR now, it’s really exciting. I like bone hunting, exploring, stuff like that.

BLP: What kinds of things do you enjoy photographing?

Kai: People when they have no idea I’m watching them. Plants, insects, dolls. You name it, nothing is safe from my camera.

BLP: I share that attitude as well. It leads to interesting adventures. What kind of DSLR are you saving for?

Kai: A Canon EOS, which one I’m not sure but I’m leaning towards either the 40D or the 450D. I need to research both first before I spend that much on a camera.

BLP: Yeah, DSLR’s are a large investment. What kind of camera are you using now?

Kai: A Sony DSC-H3. Honestly it’s not that great. It was a christmas gift but lately I feel like I’ve grown out of the range it can take. It’s for people who don’t wanna take photography seriously, but I feel I need something better.

BLP: Yeah, I know the feeling. So you collect & hunt bones as well?

Kai: I do. I’ve been doing it since I was a wee little Kai.

BLP: So I know this is a bit of a silly question, but why bones?

Kai: Why? I’m not sure, maybe it’s because I’m faintly obsessed with science..I love finding out what animal the bone is from, what it eats, how it died etc.

BLP: That makes sense. Have you ever found anything close to a whole animal skeleton?

Kai: Oh yes! Many times. Though I rarely get to keep most of it. My manager told me no more bones for awhile since I have a whole trunk full & there’s no space for them right now. A lot of times though with full skeletons they’ll be missing the head or a few spare bones..railroad tracks are good for that!

BLP: That’s fascinating. I’m actually quite mind-stumped thinking about it. In a good way. So something else that I admire from your dA pictures is your fashion. Do you have inspiration for your fashion?

Kai: I get a lot of questions about it. Honestly I was inspired by j-street fashion but not what most people enjoy. I liked the kids who looked like hobos. Also, food. Ironically some Japanese food as well as Western sweets have great colors, so often I’ll look up pictures of food or baked things for inspiration for color. The rest is all me.

BLP: That’s awesome. Have you ever been to Japan?

Kai: No, not yet! But my manager & I are planning to go there soon, perhaps within the next year or two. I don’t wanna go & not be able to afford anything!

BLP: I think you would fit in very well.

This concludes the wonderful interview with Kai. Be sure to check his deviantART page. =]

love & magic,




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  1. Emory Dunn / Jun 11 2009 6.03 pm

    Great interview!

    Only one thing struck me as odd (actually, two: you missed a ‘y’ in ‘they’ in the second question): where is your usual quip about how Nikon’s are better than Canon’s?

    • blackxlace / Jun 11 2009 6.05 pm

      Because, my dear, that’s a debate I savor between just the two of us.

      • Emory Dunn / Jun 11 2009 10.55 pm

        Ah, well, at least he’s making the right choice. :P

        The blog looks good! Keep up the great posts.

      • blackxlace / Jun 12 2009 3.20 pm

        Thank you. Your support means a lot to me. ;]

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