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June 8, 2009 / Indigo

Unicorns & Sparkles

Hello lovelies!

How is your Monday going? Mine so far has been filled with unicorns, anime & baking.

Wonderful unicorn dress thrifted today. it is wonderful for recapturing those moments you feel as a child when all you needed to feel beautiful was a tiara & a tutu.

Detail of the amazing sparkly unicorn & castle print.

Vegan peanut butter cups chilling in my fridge. recipe from How It All Vegan. They need a bit of tweaking in my opinion. I used store-bought graham cracker crumbs which left no crunch in the cups. I’m definitely going to try again.

I picked up this volume of Ergo Proxy at an amazing local movie store. Full of amazing graphics, wonderful music & an enthralling plot this is definitely an anime to look into. I’m planning on re-watching it tomorrow & then trading it for volume 2 for the next four episodes. Anticipate raving reviews as this journey into the world of Ergo Proxy continues.

I hope you all are having a magical Monday!

love & magic,




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  1. Jenny / Oct 1 2011 11.31 pm

    Ugh I have looked for this dress for literally 4 years now and it kills me that It literally doesn’t exist anywhere. I’ve searched online and in random thrift stores everywhere I go and let I can never discover it.

    And you, lucky devil, found it.

    My envy of you literally knows NO bounds.

    Cherish that dress my friend. It is so magical.

    • Cakey / Jul 17 2012 12.38 am

      I have 1 for sale in a size medium on ebay. Bid starts at .99.

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