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September 24, 2010 / Indigo


Hello lovelies.
As of yesterday I am now located at! I will still keep this one up, but for all intensive purposes it will no longer be used.

September 23, 2010 / Indigo

Photo Diary – New York City Day Two

So my memory fails me as to what I did on my second day in New York City except go into Dean & Deluca & swoon. I seriously love that place & miss it super hardcore. I think my grandmother & I did some shopping, had my first slice of NYC pizza (seriously THE BEST PIZZA I’VE EVER EATEN), wandered around like tourists. Other than that, I’m not really too sure…. But whatever I did it was a blast!

love & magic,


September 22, 2010 / Indigo

Photo Diary – New York City Day One

The other day we finally uncovered our hard drive, so I can finally start catching up again! In June my grandmother & I went to New York City (my first time!!!!) so I could accept my Scholastic Art & Writing award in person! It was such an amazing whirlwind trip. I had so much fun & it was a real eye-opener for me. While I was in the city, I was so over-stimulated that I was a bit put off. But the longer I’m away from it, the more I miss it. I would never want to live in NYC, but I would definitely love to visit there a lot. As much as the city excited me, I prefer a bit of a slower pace in life. These are from my first day in the city. My grandmother & I flew into Long Island & stayed there the first night. Then we took the train into the city, where we found our hotel (we stayed at the Da Vinci — I highly recommend it!! It was absolutely lovely) & registered for the Scholastic ceremony & workshops. Then we wandered around SoHo, where I went into an H&M for the first time ever. There isn’t one in Austin, so I had never been in. It reminded me of a higher-level Forever 21 but I loved it. We actually went into two different ones in the SoHo district & I was surprised by how different they were.

love & magic,


September 20, 2010 / Indigo

The Lost Band

photos 1, 3-10 by Olivia; photos 2, 11-24 by me

Two days ago my friend Olivia came over to my house & we had a blast! I haven’t seen her in about 2-3 months (or longer…) so it was really good to catch up. We wandered around my new neighborhood, looking for good places to take photos. We came across this sunken wooden wonderland in between two houses & we knew it was perfect.. Although the weather+bugs were not what we wanted (hot & TOO MANY), we managed to get amazing shots of each other & still have a blast. I am definitely going to be shooting there again. It just has so many possibilities! Then we wandered back to my house, had a mis-matched lunch of whatever we could find in my fridge & shot upstairs in my room & the hallway. It was so much fun. So so so much fun. I’m also really happy with how my shots came out, which seems like a rare feeling these days. I mean, I’m happy with how stuff comes out, but I’m not necessarily super proud of it. But these shots? I am so proud of them & I love them & I hope you all do too! I also shot some film, so you’ll get to see those once I get it developed.

love & magic,


September 17, 2010 / Indigo

The Reality’s Inside of Us

shirt: h&m//skirt: mom’s//belt: betsey johnson(gift)//socks: cut-off tights//boots: doc martens (buffalo exchange)

Random photos from the past couple of days & today’s outfit. I’ve been kind of obsessively making tea & cooking now that our kitchen is somewhat settled. It’s so nice to be able to make my own food again! Yesterday was kind of a lazy day… Today has been a bit, but I’m just doing online research for business-y stuff. So it feels kind of lazy but I’m working hard. Okay friends, WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO REALIZE THE AMAZINGNESS OF THIS SKIRT?!?! My momma’s had it forever & yes, it was packed for a couple months. But in all the years she’s had it I don’t think I’ve ever dared it. It’s kind of always intimidated me, ’cause it’s so cool & so unlike anything I ever wear & I was always scared I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. But today I saw it & knew it was what I wanted to wear. So I’ve kind of gone a bit 90’s grunge girl? I’m not totally sure, but whatever this outfit it I LOVE it. Anyways, how are you all doing? Happy Friday! How was your week?

love & magic,


September 14, 2010 / Indigo


shirt: Free People (gift)//tank top: mom’s//shorts: paris blues (gift)//tights: had since forever//shoes: mossimo (target)

Today has been a slower day, but an overall good day. I spent it all pretty much in my house, getting stuff done. Going through more boxes, realizing I need some storage to put all this stuff in (!!!), getting delicious Indian food for lunch with my grandmother, walking/playing with Zags, visiting with my aunt & cousins, cleaning & reading. I picked up this book Beautiful Children (by Charles Bock) at the library a couple weeks ago & only this week got around to starting it. It’s his first novel, & absolutely amazing. One of the most well-written books I’ve read in a really long time, but I can only read it in spurts because it is so sad. Not the cry-your-eyes-out sad, but the kind of sad that works it’s way into the head & heart before you finish the first page. I also made a Facebook fan page, which you can find here, if any of you darlings are interested in showing your support. I scheduled Warehouse 13 & Criminal Minds to record tonight, so soon I shall be able to watch some telly again! I did a lot of boring business-y stuff on the computer today, with Pandora keeping me company with Crystal Castles & Animal Collective radios. Boring, but necessary. I also applied for a couple more jobs, so we’ll see if they pan out!

How is your week going so far, darling?

love & magic,


September 13, 2010 / Indigo

Girl Goddess #9

shirt: buffalo exchange//white tank top: mom’s//jeans: mom’s//boots: doc martens

THE WALLPAPER IS IN OUR HOUSE. Pictures do not do it justice. It is fantastic beautiful gorgeous fantastic perfect. The guy came to put it up today at 9:30am, so my dad & I just hung out till he was done. Six & a half hours later….. It looks amazing. But we were so sleepy! I guess the six & a half hours were worth it. Everyone who walks in our house now is like “Oh your house is so coo- WOOOOW!”. It’s pretty amazing! This is the perfect outfit for grabbing breakfast at Starbucks (second day in a row…oops!), moving more boxes in from the garage & going through them, unpacking, errands & playing with Zags. I don’t think we’ll eat out that much anymore, since my dad & I made a Whole Foods run today to stock up on staples & such. He cooked dinner for the first time in forever — grilled cheese & roasted potatoes & shallots. Delicious! I have little piles of things in my room now, until I find the perfect shelves, etc. The closet is mostly sorted out, but it’ll probably change as time passes. Until I get a shelf to go over my closet rod, all of my bags are stuffed into other bags & hung where you can barely see them. All I have done today is go through boxes! & I’ll probably do that again tomorrow. It’s so nice to have my own room again! It’ll be nice once the showers have shower glass though… We got a shower rod from Target & are borrowing rings/curtain from my aunt for the two weeks until the shower glass guys come. The light in the sky is AMAZING out here! I seriously love the views I get from my room, although I do miss the radio towers at night that I would look at every night in my aunt’s house till I fell asleep. But since I don’t have any curtains on my window, I get rudely awakened by the sunshine blaring in my face. Bright & early at 7:45am. I need to solve that soon…. Anyways. Time to eat dinner, hang with the fam a bit & work on my room some more! Who knows, maybe even a milkshake later…

love & magic,



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